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Rules on this section (Please read..)

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Rules on this section (Please read..) Empty Rules on this section (Please read..)

Post by iappo on Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:47 pm

--1. Anything about ninja saga can be posted in here, it doesn't matter using fiddler/charles or cheat engine. Anything works fine.
--2. Getting banned in-game is your own responsibility. Read carefully the thread before even attempting or using the hacks given.
--3. Learn how to use fiddler/charles or even cheat engine before commenting something doesn't work.
--4. No multiple posting.

--5. Do not be shy or afraid to ask questions, (please do extensive research first before posting). Yes people may laugh and call you stupid, but at the end your will learn something, not your haters.
--6. Encode links in the link tags given.
--7. Enjoy !! What a Face

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